FQAD Support

Individual Consultation ​

The meetings take place online via video conference or via phone call.

Individual Consultation ​

Services in the absence of patients charged at the same hourly rate. By request we are happy to provide other services in addition to consulting. This includes, for example writing letters and analyzing diagnostics that have been sent and answering questions via email .

During the initial consultation, we usually need 30 to 60 minutes for pre-processing and post-processing, depending on the amount of data (previous diagnostics, medical reports, etc.) and the detail of the therapy plan and other agreed follow-up work.

Waiting Periods

Each of us has a demanding job on the side. Therefore, we will only arrange 2-3 consultations per week per consultant. If a consultant is currently very busy, we will be happy to point out alternative consulting options.

However, if there are waiting periods, we ask for your understanding.

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