FQAD Support

FQAD Advisory Modules

Our Strengths

Personalized advice and support tailored to the clients complaints - on a one-off basis or over a longer period of time

First-hand support from those affected with many years of experience and comprehensive know-how in dealing with FQAD.

Access to an extensive network of skilled physicians, specialists and scientists and lawyers.

Continued research and education in the field of FQAD.

Continous optimization and adaptiation of consulting according to the latest research.

High level of empathy and understanding.

Minimizing healthcare costs through a focused and targeted therapeutic approach.

Your FQAD Coordinator

We are your hub and central point of contact for questions about FQAD. We reflect and coordinate the various options, advise you on possible diagnostics and therapy, and refer you to competent doctors and therapists. We take over the search and evaluation for the best solution for you, so that you can focus entirely on yourself and your healing journey. 

1. Initial consultation

Getting to know each other, short introduction to the FQAD topic, explanation of the goal, content and structure of our Services.

2. Initial assessment

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3. Advice on therapy options

Detailed consultation on therapy options based on existing findings, laboratory values, etc. related to FQAD.

4. Advice on diagnostic procedures

Targeted advice for Laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging or biopsies related to FQAD.

5. Mental Coaching (Optional)

Consultation on appropriate methds to manage the emotional and psychological stress triggered by FQAD.

6. Legal Advice (Optional)

Consultation on the legal situation and chances of success with lawsuits. Assistance with pension verification procedures. Only for Switzerland and Germany.

7. Evaluation of third-party treatments

Identification and selection of appropriate physicians, physical therapists or alternative medicine practitioners for further diagnosis and treatment.

8. Recurring Consultations

Follow-up meetings to measure progress and, if necessary, adjust the treatment.

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