FQAD Support

FQAD Support



Payment via invoice, 30 days strictly net. The individual consultants have the option of requesting payment in advance.

Cancellations at short notice (<24 hours beforehand) can be charged by the consultant because an appointment has been blocked.

Accepting/Stopping of Consultation
  • We are not obliged to accept a consultation request. We only do this if it is within the scope of our possibilities and qualifications in terms of time and expertise.

  • If we find that the consultation with a client exceeds our professional knowledge, i.e. we do not have the qualifications to carry it out, we reserve the right to immediately discontinue the consultation and refer the client to a professional with the necessary qualifications.

  • This site is operated by Marco Karrer. However, it serves as an independent platform for consultants and those affected by side effects caused by fluoroquinolone antibiotics who are trying to help others on their way with these side effects. Marco Karrer is not liable for the actions of the other consultants on this site or in a consultation.

  • The site is intended as a support from affected individuals for affected individuals and is not a substitute for a medical examination.

  • The services offered are for advice only. We are not qualified to take anamnesis, take diagnostics, diagnose or treat illnesses, nor to change a treatment prescribed by a doctor. Only licensed doctors are qualified to do this.  

  • The contents presented on this website as well as the recommendations mentioned in the course of the consultations are largely based on the consultants’ own subjective experiences with the help of scientific and empirical findings regarding FQAD.

  • The recommendations in no way replace professional advice from a doctor and must not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and starting, changing or stopping treatment of existing diseases.

  • The recommendations are to be seen as accompanying measures in the mental and physical area, in addition to existing diagnoses and treatments.

  • The operators of this website and the consultants named therein assume no liability for inconvenience or damage resulting from the non-application of medical measures.

  • Never use the advice and information provided during consulting sessions as the sole source of information. Always question us critically and consult other sources of information and specialists to understand this very special clinical picture.