FQAD Support

Patrick Horisberger

My story

Since an unnecessary treatment with levofloxacin in 2014, I have suffered from severe physical limitations. Some complaints have improved over time, many have remained. However, my activism and vitality have emerged strengthened. I use this specifically in the fight for recognition of FQAD in medical, political and legal matters.

My interests

As a scientist, I am particularly interested in the molecular and enzymatic processes of FQAD and the resulting possible forms of therapy. Despite the traumatizing and drastic consequences of FQAD, I see an objective and fact-based approach and education as our duty. As initiator and co-author of the  fluoroquinolone website  I always try to orientate myself towards these values.   

My philosophy

In the case of chronic and long-lasting symptoms in particular, it is important to acknowledge the situation and learn to manage the illness instead of defeating it at all costs. My advice and support is based on this concept.  

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